The company is, however, yet to come out with official announcement on the issue and it has been learnt that the new Celebration Edition A4 will be available only in front wheel drive. This indicates towards the company ditching Quattro system and the move is aimed towards minimizing costs.

The limited edition of the car will sport 16-inch wheels as compared to the larger 17-inch wheels and it would not have sunroof, which is available on higher spec variants of the A4.

Talking about the car’s interiors, the A4 Celebration edition will get rid of the wooden trim on dashboard and will replace it with a black trim.

Besides, the front passenger seat will be made manually adjustable in comparison to the electronic adjustable seats available in higher versions.  There is no reverse camera and all-round parking sensors in the new variant. It has been replaced by a simpler rear parking sensor along with beep assist.

The car is also pretty cheaper compared to the other variants and it has been priced at Rs 25.66 lakh. The celebration edition promises to be an excellent value prospect for those who are looking to have an Audi experience at an ‘affordable’ price.