Melbourne (Agencies): Australia was struggling with a series of natural and man-made disasters as raging wildfires damaged over 40 homes on the west coast city of Perth and Victoria hit by flashfloods that led to one death, while heavy thunderstorms were threatening to submerge Queensland.

The Meteorology department stated that heavy rains and possible flash flooding could affect parts of Brisbane, the Somerset area, Ipswich and Lockyer Valley, areas which are already reeling under the recent flooding.

Senior forecaster Rick Threlfall said a heavy storm was developing around the Marburg and Amberley areas, west of Brisbane, the Herald Sun quoted experts.

"That storm's not moving too far and it's produced about 40 to 50 mm (rainfall) in the last hour... with those rainfall totals flash flooding is a potential," he informed.

"We've also got a storm currently heading towards Toowoomba. That's not looking too severe at the moment," Rick added.

Police urged people not to panic with memories of January's deadly flash flooding.

Meanwhile, Victorian state of Australia was affected by floods that lead to a death of a man who fell from his roof while repairing leaks.

With torrential rainfall lashing the city for hours over the weekend, 13 other people suffered wounds while trying to repair damaged buildings.

In Western Australia state, bushfire claimed dozens of homes, two schools and a bridge, and forced hundreds to evacuate.

The officials has confirmed at least 41 homes, sheds and carports have already been destroyed, while another 19 properties have been damaged by the flames that have engulfed 440 hectares in the south-east suburbs of Roleystone and Kelmscott.