Melbourne, Jan 25 (Agencies): Australian police on Tuesday confirmed that remains found in devastated areas of the northeast were human, thus raising Australia’s flood death toll.

Nine people are still listed as missing after flash floods swept through the Lockyer Valley on 10 January, sweeping away homes,cars and trees.

Queensland police said that the grim find brings to 22 the number of people who have died in that state since January 10, when flash floods swept homes, cars and trees into the  rushing waters in the west of Brisbane.

"The thorough search for people missing from the Lockyer Valley is ongoing," Queensland Police said in a statement, which said that 35 people had died in that state in flood-related incidents since November 30.

Record rainfall across eastern Australia, triggered by a strong La Nina system, generated massive flood zones in the north in December, with the waters eventually making their way to Brisbane and flooding thousands of homes.

The same weather system is blamed for torrential rains which hit the southeastern state of Victoria in January, giving some areas a year's rainfall in 24 hours,which have inundated a large area in that state's northwest.

The Victorian floodwaters are threatening small farming communities, and prompted the evacuation of thousands of residents this month, with reports that several homes have flooded as levees failed.

"The water is just coming in that quick,we just can't get a ahead of it at the moment," local Peter Laursen told ABC Radio from Murrabit.

"We are holding it in one area,but we just believe there is a lot more water to come."

"It also means it's spreading out over a wider area down in the lower areas and that's going to result in more areas being inundated for potentially longer periods," State Emergency Service deputy incident controller Keith Favelly said.