Melbourne: Dog is man’s best friend and this very saying has been proved true by an Australian man.  Steve Hunter, a Ballatar-resident saved the life of a dog after he performed mouth-to-mouth on the canine after it was run over by a car.

Steve Hunter was busy in delivering plastic when Salty, a Fox Terrier-Jack Russell cross, suddenly ran out of a driveway and was clipped by a fast-moving car. Salty looked to be gone, but Hunter thought otherwise, a newspaper reported.
He carried the dog to the road side, puckered up and, to use his words, ‘did the deed.’ "I gave him CPR, did the whole works. I pulled his jaws apart - and by the way he didn't brush his teeth," he said.
"I pulled them apart, I got as close as I could and I was blowing air in his throat and with one hand giving him CPR on his ribcage," said Hunter.
The lucky five-year-old dog is doing fine now, comparatively, with a few cuts to the head and a fractured pelvis. Hunter has been hailed a hero after he performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on Salty to prolong its life.
He recounted the story to the grateful Maule family, who didn't know the identity of their dog's saviour. Jock Maule said Salty had been through a tough run, after an early run-in with a barbed wire fence, but it was nothing compared to the pain, the dog went.


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