Melbourne:  Australia on Monday announced that it will lift sanctions against Myanmar's President and over 200 other officials, who were currently under travel and financial bans, in the wake of a series of reforms in the country.
Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr said travel and financial restrictions on about 260 Myanmar's nationals, including President Thein Sein, would be lifted.
He said Myanmar's progress towards democracy and greater freedoms deserved reward from the international community, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported.
However, about 130 names will remain on the restricted list, including senior members of the Myanmar's military and others suspected of human rights abuses.
"We're easing sanctions after talking to Aung San Suu Kyi and others in the opposition, after talking to the government itself, (and) after talking to other nations," Carr told reporters in London, where he is on a visit.
"It means that the number of people in the Burmese (Myanmar) government subject to restrictions on their financial dealings with Australia or visas to Australia will be reduced from 392 to about 130.
"That removes many of the civilians from the list, and that includes President Thein Sein and government ministers. But senior serving military officers and people of human rights interest will say subject to those Australian sanctions."
However, Carr warned if progress was not continued, the decision could be reversed.
"I think the president is sincere, I think he deserves these rewards but of course it's always possible to resume these sanctions," he said.