Melbourne: Former Australia cricketer Mark Waugh has said that the next week`s batting camp organised by Cricket Australia ahead of the four-match Test series against India must focus on the mental preparation of the players, besides addressing their problems with technique.

Waugh said there was no doubt that after a long run of batting collapses, the batsmen are short of confidence but felt that it was up to the individuals to develop self-belief.

"They`ve got to forget about the collapses, each batsman has just got to worry about his own game and if you do that then you`ll score well as a team," Waugh said.

"It`s up to each player to probably look over their career and look over their good times and know they`re good enough to succeed at this level. Then make a few minor adjustments to their techniques.”

"Batsmen in the squad normally help each other out as well. If there`s technical problems they`re normally the best players to talk to -- the other players in the side. There`s no magic involved, just a bit of belief in your ability and a bit of hard work," Waugh said.

Waugh admitted that Australian batsmen are going through a bad patch at the moment but predicted that their experience would help them come out with flying colours.

"You don`t lose your ability overnight and Ricky (Ponting) and all those guys are pretty good players. It doesn`t matter what sport you play. If a few mental doubts start creeping into your mind, then the good players just manage to keep them out and worry about keeping it simple.”

"That`s just part of the whole make-up of the Test match batsman. You`ve got to be able to handle the low times and the high times and obviously believe in your own ability," he insisted.