"If the courts can be turned into a means of sabotaging projects which are striving to meet the highest environmental standards, then we have a real problem as a nation," he said. "We can't become a nation of naysayers; we have to remain a nation that gives people a fair go if they play by the rules," Abbott stated.

His remarks came after a court this week revoked the environmental approval for the Adani project, which aims to build one of the world's largest coal mine in Queensland, opposed by green groups and local residents.

In his strongest defence yet of coal production in Australia, Abbott stated that the overturning of the proposed Queensland Carmichael mega coal mine project means courts can be used to 'sabotage' worthy projects.

"As a country we must, in principle, favour projects like this," he cited yesterday. "This is a vitally important project for the economic development of Queensland and it's absolutely critical for the human welfare literally of tens of millions of people in India," the Prime Minister added.

Abbott said he is 'frustrated' at the court's decision and asserted that the projects like Adani mines were too vital to be hindered by red tape. "If we get to the stage where the rules are such that projects like this can be endlessly frustrated, that's dangerous for our country and it's tragic for the wider world," he added.

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