Austria introduced tougher border checks on Wednesday in a bid to slow the influx of migrants onto its territory, while at the same time making clear they would not be sent back to Hungary, after Germany announced similar measures on Sunday.
"The legal framework allows for the possibility of sending migrants back, refusing entry or allowing entry," the spokesman for the Interior Ministry said.
Tens of thousands of migrants have been making their way through the Balkans and Austria towards Germany.
A Hungarian police spokesman said on Friday that migrants sent to Hungary by Croatia were being taken by bus from the border to two Hungarian registration points in Szentgotthard and Vamosszabadi, near crossings into Austria.
That move was not coordinated with Austria, the Interior Ministry spokesman said.
A spokesman for police in the Austrian province of Burgenland, which borders Hungary, said if the migrants were headed for Austria, their registration in Hungary would take time and they were likely to cross the border in the night.

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