New Delhi: The latest trend of car models witnessed in the 11th edition of Auto Expo 2012 clearly shows that the car companies are working hard on bringing innovative designs for cars with the aim of providing mesmerizing experience to the auto lovers.

The prominent car manufacturing brand Maruti Suzuki has immensely worked on designing the growing variety of SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles). Moreover, the French car manufacturing company Renault has also given due attention to the designs preferred by Indian consumers before setting up its base in the Indian market.

P Balendran, Vice-President (Corporate Affairs), General Motors India said, “Designing cars for Indian consumers is really a big challenge. Demand for spacious and big cars is high here.”

Echoing similar views, Arvind Saxena from Hyundai Motor India said, “Owing to the joint family concept in India, the consumers prefer big cars with ample space for luggage. This is the reason why our ranges of cars have seen a remarkable facelift in the recent years.”

Developing a unique design derived between the youth and traditional style is like cracking a hard nut for the car companies manufacturing for Indian markets.

Notably, the latest consumer trend shows that the designs are playing a bigger role in deciding auto companies turnover in the market.