New Delhi: Auto Expo 2012, the most anticipated automobile fair which began on January 5 witnessed large number of visitors on Day 1. The annual auto show takes a commoner on a ride to a fantasy world where people could touch, feel and pose with their favourite automobiles and take home memories of a lifetime.

This year’s Auto Expo promises to be one interesting experience. Like every year companies have launched many cars and bikes but what is exciting visitors the most is the concept cars.

A K Bansal who came from Gurgaon said, “Companies have launched really impressive cars this year.  The concept cars are quite attractive. The two-seater pod is very good. Coming here every year not only gives me new automobiles to look out for but also enhances my knowledge.

Concept cars styled with radical designs based on concepts of new technology lure visitors’ attention also because they are usually shown only during auto expos and other motor shows and have little chances of being produced in future.

Another automobile lover Shivansh said, “I have collected brochures of all the car companies. I will make posters of the same and share the knowledge with my friends.”

Everyday a mad rush is being witnessed at the car pavilions. Bike lovers too have turned up in large numbers to get a glimpse of their favourite bikes.

A bike lover, Balwinder Singh said, “A mid-segment bike is launched which is powerful and I quite like it.”

Chevrolet ‘Beat’ balloon in a pavilion: Chevrolet’s car ‘Beat’ is been represented in a form of floating balloon. The helium gas balloon installed in the pavilion is battery operated and attracting large crowds.
42 cameras installed in each pavilion: 42 cameras are being installed in every pavilion dedicated for capturing images from various angles. Also, companies have arranged for a special facility of sending pictures and videos of the visitors with the launched cars via mails. The exclusive photo shoot is absolutely free.

Availability of tickets: The tickets for the expo which opens for public on Saturday are made available on 26 metro stations from January 7 and will cost Rs 200 each. The ticket sale timings on January 7 and 8 would be from 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM whereas on January 9, 10 and 11, the timings will be from 12:00 Noon to 05:00 PM and cost Rs 150 each. On the other hand for a ticket for the business hour, people will have to pay Rs 500 each and could get them only from Pragati Maidan metro station between 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.