New Delhi: With a wide range of upper and middle-class vehicles on display, the Auto Expo 2012 is all set to set the stage on fire. The 11th edition of the Auto Expo being termed as the biggest so far intends to woo the crème-de-la-crème section of the society.

To get a glimpse of the world’s best, one will have to shell out an extra amount this around. This time, the organisers have decided to curtail the number of visitors by hiking the entry fee.

Maruti, largest car company in the country is going to display its Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) concept in India at the upcoming Auto Expo 2012 in New Delhi. Two years ago, the company for the first time in India had exhibited this concept. Maruti has developed the SUV concept eyeing the target audiences in the country.

At a time when other car companies are leading the market by launching small cars, Maruti is trying to clinch the market with its SUV concept. Maruti believes that there is a lot of scope to enter this with a good SUV and further increase the sales and markets share of the company.

The second largest car company Hyundai has also slated to focus on the SUV concept in Auto Expo, which is commencing from January 4, 2012. The company wants to introduce a special SUV model in the Indian market. The concept is ready and Hyundai would exhibit its SUV concept for the first time during Auto Expo.

Ford Motors is also going to launch its concept of SUV model for the Indian market during the Auto Expo.

Hindustan Motors will launch a new model of Pajero in the Indian market after exhibiting its new model in Auto Expo.

Mercedes, BMW and Volkswagen will also launch their costlier models.

Society of Indian Automobiles (SIAM) president S Sandiyal said, “During the time of recession car companies are looking for future growth market. They are targeting a special class, out of middle class. These people don’t want to buy small cars. SUV concept and costlier cars concept will increase the profit of car companies.”

JPN/ Bureau