"The objective is very ambitious, we take this market very seriously. Yes this is a challenge (raising market share to 5 per cent)" Datsun's global head and Corporate Vice President Vincent Cobee told reporters here.
He added that to take combined market share of Nissan and Datsun to 5 percent by 2020 the company would focus on new products, expanding outlets in smaller cities and communications strategy.
Nissan and Datsun currently have a combined market share of around 1-1.5 percent in the Indian market. Elaborating on the network expansion, Cobee said the sales network will grow by about 50 per cent to around 300 by mid-2017.
Nissan currently has around 200 dealerships across the country, out of which 42 are dedicated point of sales for Datsun, he said.
When asked about the timeframe of Datsun having separate sales network in country, Cobee said: "This is key question on our growth....as both brands grow, there will be progressive exit from that scheme.
"We obviously hope that both Datsun and Nissan brands grow and we will make these common shops ineffective and then we will have dedicated treatment for both the brands."