The company currently enjoys 17 percent of the scooters market, dominated by the Japanese brand Honda, and under 14 percent in the bikes space dominated by the HeroMotorCorp and Honda again.
The company also announced the launch of a new concept scooter model Entor Q210 and a sports bike Akula 310 apart from a 200-cc bike RTR200.
Company president and chief executive K M Radhakrishnan said its recently launches, the new Victor and the Apache 200 will be available across the country from next months and based his optimism to ramp up market share to these models.
He said the Entor Q210 is a smart and premium touring scooter concept and will be marketed as a performance touring scooter.
He also announced the launch of a sports bike RTR200 in association with BMW. Company sources said this bike will be manufactured by TVS but sold by BMW, but Radhakrishnan refused to comment.