"Volkswagen made some big mistakes. I am truly sorry for that. And I assure you, we are committed to make things right. We want to win back the trust in our brand. I know that many of our Indian customers are wondering whether their cars might be affected too," Volkswagen Passenger Cars Board Member for sales and marketing Jurgen Stackmann said.
"We have examined the issue very carefully under the observation of the authorities. And we came to the conclusion that our cars fully comply with Indian emission standards. However, winning back trust means more for us than just obeying the law.
Volkswagen wants totally satisfied customers so we will voluntarily update all the vehicles with EA 189 engines in India, making them as clean as the affected cars in Europe. And we will do this at no cost to the owners. That is our promise to our customers here in India" he said.
Stackmann said he is 'apologising' on the behalf of the brand for the inconvenience and uncertainty that it might have caused in the country.
"Nevertheless, because we believe there is a fine difference between being legal and compliant and actually we are gaining trust of consumers that we started voluntary recall... to give them same upgrade that we do in Europe," he added.