The company, which unveiled its new bike V today, is skipping this year's Auto Expo citing high costs. The expo, which will be held between February 5-9 at Greater Noida, is expected to witness 80 new launches.
"To participate in such event it takes around Rs 10-15 crore to make those concepts and the poor R&D department is spending half their time creating these concepts.
"There are some big car companies who have big money, they can do it. We are a small company. So to spend such amount is not affordable for us," Bajaj told reporters here.
Elaborating his position, he said: "To show the same thing, V model, over there (at Auto Expo) it is Rs 5 crore, we have managed it here for Rs 5 lakh," he said.
The Pune-based company today unveiled its new bike model 'V' at an event here. Bajaj said with the company being an established brand in India, the expo didn't serve the purpose of creating brand awareness as much as it would have been helpful to a new company which was entering the country.
"If we are a known brand in India. If it is wasteful to create expensive concepts, if it is too expensive to participate to show a new product and existing product can be shown in any dealership, then I don't understand what is the purpose of participating," Bajaj added.