London (Agencies): Hollywood superstar Matt Damon has disclosed that he was the initial contender for James Cameron's 3D dream project 'Avatar'.

The star said that he was James Cameron’s first choice for the lead role in the highest grossing film of 2009 before a scheduling conflict occurred and the role eventually went to British actor Sam Worthington, according to media reports.

"I talked to Cameron and I read the script and I knew the movie was gonna be a big hit. I really wanted to do Avatar and work with Jim Cameron and watch him direct and learn a lot. But we were finishing The Bourne Ultimatum and I couldn't leave. It was a scheduling issue," said Damon.

The 40-year-old actor is now looking forward to Avatar 2, which he says is sure to be as big a hit as its predecessor.

 The actor will next be seen in the action thriller 'The Adjustment Bureau' alongside actress Emily Blunt and Terence Stamp.