London: Australian actor Sam Worthington has defended his recent weight gain, insisting his paunch is "healthy" and "human".

The 'Avatar' star was photographed earlier this week on a beach in Hawaii sporting a fuller figure and the pictures were published with a headline containing the phrase "Clash of the Xmas puddings", a reference to his role in action movie 'Clash of the Titans', as reported.

However, Worthington, 35, said he is proud of his bulging belly as he hates working out at a gym.

"Clash of the Xmas puddings, that's good. I like it. I hate working out. I like the fact that I've got a paunch. It's good, I think it's healthy.

"Sometimes all these eight-packs and things you see in the movies, yeah that's all well and good, but I've seen Gerard Butler, he's got a paunch. He's not (in 2007 movie) 300 anymore and there's something kind of nice about it, human," Worthington said.