London, Jan 03 (Agencies): Believe it or not, an average Briton tells three lies a day.

This is according to a survey which found that it also doesn't matter to British adults what they fib about – whether it's where they are, what hours they're working or what chores they have carried out, or rather not carried out, at homes.

Researchers also discovered it is unfortunate that the other halves who bear the brunt of their partners' deceits -- with colleagues, friends and bosses -- are not so far behind, the 'Daily Express' reported.

More than a third of Britons lie regularly about their workload to make their lives easier, the poll of 3,000 adults has revealed.

The survey also found that more than one quarter have not been completely honest to their partners about how many people they have had sex with.

Nearly all men said they had exaggerated about the number of women they had slept with -- while the majority of women confessed to knocking a few notches off their bedposts, the poll found.

One in four admitted to "playing down" the seriousness of previous relationships -- and one in 10 held their hands up to inaccuracies about their current relationship status, the poll has revealed.

A spokesman for Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, which carried out the survey, said: "It's quite surprising how many people purposely lie. Most of the time it appears they do so to make their lives easier -- but getting caught can never be a good experience."

In addition one in 20 fib about making money playing the stock market. Seven per cent even told porkies about where they have been on their holidays.

It emerged four out of 10 regularly claim falsely to being sick in order to get a day off work while one in 10 confessed to having lied about a relative dying to get off.

In job applications, a quarter admitted not being entirely accurate about previous experience and many exaggerated qualifications.     A fifth also confessed to making things up on their status updates on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter -- with a quarter lying about their social life. A high percentage of us also seem to struggle to be completely truthful about our age and weight.

The spokesman said: "The results show two thirds think they were not good at lying -- but they said they would still do it if it made their lives a bit easier. It is staggering to realise that we tell more lies to our loved ones than anyone else. It is scary to think that what we take as the truth could be a complete lie."