Most of the women commit mistakes and run the risk of making style snafus. To avoid being fashion blunder, take care of your cloths and make-up what you are choosing for your romantic date. Keep some very important points listed below in your mind before you step out for date.

He likes my eyebrows!

May be your boyfriend likes your eyebrow but you can change his mood to give thicker look to your eyebrows.

Blunder: Go for a date without threading

I look better in exposing tops!

Avoid strappy, deep neck and halter top on your romantic date. Say no to any kind of exposing dress just keep it in mind that simplicity always rocks.

Blunder: tanned arms and sleeveless tops! Not a match at all.

Make-up is must!

Of course, make-up is must, but don’t be a vanity case. Over make-up can ruin your natural charm and it will give you artificial look.

Blunder: dark red lipstick and dark eye make-up in day light.

Shabby hairstyle, my hair is best in natural form!

May be you feel that your natural tresses are best but your rough locks make you embarrass. You don’t need to go to salon, just wash your hair properly and apply good conditioner.

Blunder: Too much funky and loud hairstyle.

Time to wear a hottest dress! 

Not at all! Do not wear such kind of cloth which doesn’t suit you. Your comfort is main concern. Choose that attire which suits your personality.