New Delhi: Many people in the world feel bad about their looks and this way they begin to lose their self-esteem. It is usually found that people dislike having double chin and they crave to shed their extra pounds. Many others feel bad about their hair colour and pimples as well. Focusing always on your faults actually makes you blind about your own assets. Worst, one starts comparing himself or herself to the celebs and TV stars.

Stars are under scanner 24 hrs

Do not forget that the celebs you try to copy are most of the times accompanied by make-up artists and above all they are always under the compulsion to appear gaudy. Copying their looks and outfits is in itself inappropriate for an average person.

Anyone can be beautiful if you are paid to be so

Remember that your lifestyle is very different from that of Celebrities as their income is comparatively much lucrative than an average person. Moreover, they have easy access to resources than common people. Many of them are even paid to look beautiful and appealing. They spend most of their time and money in taking services from dieticians, skilled chefs, world-class designers and fitness trainers who make them look good.

Money Buys Looks

Celebrities spend lots of money to enhance their features, body parts and above all their ultimate goal happens to appeal their fans.

Are you afraid to be yourself?

Don’t be afraid to be yourself no matter what complexion, height, features and body shape you have. We are born in the world where nobody is perfect. Learn to recognize your inborn features which make you different and unique.

What You See Isn't What You Get

To your surprise, the photographs of the celebrities are airbrushed, a technique that gives pictures a 'flawless' look. If you have a look at the pictures that are not air-brushed, you will hardly find any of them flattering.

Do a favour on yourself. Stop comparing you with these images and realize that you will never look like them. Instead, lift your self-esteem and appreciate your assets. Eat right, exercise and take care of yourself.


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