New Delhi: Is the hot weather mingled with the scorching heat preventing you from venturing out this summer season? There is no reason to worry as here is a complete guide which will help you to beat the heat this summer season.

Following the A-Z guide which will help you maintain your cool

Aviators: Choose the right kind of aviators to protect your eyes from the sweltering heat.
Beverages: Chilled beverages can do wonders to keep your mind and body cool during summers. It also helps to keep your body hydrated.
Conditioning: Hair care is a must during this season. Prevent your hair from looking dull and condition your hair and skin religiously during summers.
Deodorant: Get rid of the body odour and always carry a deodorant with you to feel fresh.
Exotic scrubs: Feel beautiful this summer and get yourself lots of exotic scrubs and cleansers.
Face wash: You cannot avoid dust and dirt on roads but you can do away with the oily skin. For this, it's important to wash your face whenever you come back from outside.
Glucose: You must always keep a pack of glucose in your bag whenever you step out.
Hats: Cover your head with a hat. Hats are in vogue this season. Try styles, colours and trends which are available in the market.
Ice-cream: It can immediately melt you from inside and bring a smile on your face no matter how much agitated you are by the rising temperature outside.
Juices: Do away with sugary colas and opt for pineapple, guava, orange or carrot juices. Nothing is healthier than having a glass of juice during summers. Just two glasses a day would help you remain active and refreshed.
King size bag: Try and take a big comfortable bag that can accommodate all your essentials.
Lip balm: Lips become dry and patchy in this season. Keep a lip balm handy so that your lips remain soft and shiny.
Mango: King of all fruits-mango-is the most awaited summer fruit. Make aam panna, mango shakes or have it like that.
Neon coloured tank tops: Go trendy this summer and go bold with wearing neon coloured tank tops. Team them with jeans and look stylish. Pick any bright colour priced between Rs 150-Rs 300.
Oomph factor: In summers, you generally feel lethargic and exhausted. Don't give up on your oomph factor and look stylish and stunning to keep your mood pepped up.
Parks: Go out for evening strolls to a nearby park with friends and relax for a while. Share a hearty laugh and chit-chat in a total chilled out mind set.
Quench the heat: Try and keep your cool. Avoid arguments and unnecessary quarrels and drink loads of water.
Rejuvenate: Go to a massage parlour and pamper yourself.
Sun block: Sun screen lotions are a must. Avoid horrible tan and harmful ultra violet rays. Apply sun block on all exposed areas of your body. Try SPF 24 if you are out for two-three hours and if you are out for the whole day use SPF 30.
Tea: Go for iced tea and lemon tea to get a refreshing feel.
Umbrellas: A nice colourful umbrella twirled around will protect you from direct sun rays and make you trendy.
Vintage look: Go into the vintage look this season with aviators, laces on dresses, old style of skirts and block prints. Floral dresses look pretty and cool during summers.
Water: Nothing can beat a cold glass of water at this time of the year. Drink as much water as you can to remain in the best of health.
Exhausted, Yawn, ZZZZZZ: Relax your body and rest well in summers. Sleep and get going.

Courtesy: Jagran City Plus