"The people should reject the political parties which pit one community against and thrive on divisiveness and polarisation", Azad said while addressing public rallies in Doda district on Wednesday.
"People need to understand who benefits from the politics of polarisation", he said, adding that Congress Party & its leadership have spent their lives to foster harmony and peace between the people of various regions, religions and communities.
Azad, who is on campaign trail for past three days in his home turf Chenab valley, said "a real politician or a leader is one who can take along the people of all religions, races, cultures, regions and not the one who thrives on divisiveness and polarisation".
Castigating the political parties and leaders for using every possible method and mean to divide the people to gain electoral victories, Azad said that Chenab Valley will expose the nefarious designs of such power hungry parties on the day of poll by voting in favour of Congress Party unitedly and zealously.
"I would like to pre-inform the people of Chenab Valley that concerted attempts are being made to derail the process of progress and development in this mountainous belt by way of polarisation and division", said Azad.
Advising the people to beware of the divisive forces, Azad said that some political parties flaunt the bait of 'vikas' and development to mislead the people about their divisive agenda.
He wondered how development and progress will take place in an atmosphere of hatred and polarisation as harmony and peace are pre-requisites for carrying out holistic and inclusive development sans any discrimination.
Azad said that the true essence and attribute of a well meaning and people-friendly political party is how much it can satiate the urges and aspirations of all sections of society and discharge its responsibilities with fairness and equity, adding that it is only the Congress Party which has the credentials to do justice to all sections and regions of the society.

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