Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Minority Welfare minister Azam Khan on Sunday said curtailment of Haj pilgrims' quota of Uttar Pradesh could lead to ‘law and order problem’ in the state.
Azam, who is also the Haj minister in the state, said that the Haj Committee of India should ensure that quota of UP does not get affected following Saudi Arabian government's directive to reduce quota of Haj pilgrims by 20 percent.
Instead of curtailing quota, the central committee should request the Union government to exert pressure on the Saudi government to follow the agreement between the two countries, the minister said in a statement.
"If the quota of UP was reduced, the Haj Committee of India would be solely responsible," Azam said, adding a large number of pilgrims would not be able to undertake Haj without any fault of their own.
He warned that pilgrims would have to face problem and people may ‘take to the streets as it had happened in the past.’
"There was apprehension of law and order problem."
Azam said that people have completed all formalities and selected Haj pilgrims have already deposited first installment of Rs 76,000 in the account of Haj Committee.
He said that if reduction in quota was not abolished then it ‘could be considered whether pilgrims go on Haj from UP or not.’


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