Banda: Taking potshots at Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Yoga Guru Ramdev on Monday alleged the Congress to be neck deep in corruption and urged the people to overthrow the UPA rule.

Calling the Congress an anti-nationalist party he said, “Sonia Gandhi cried seeing pictures of Batla House encounter but she does not have tears for poor farmers of Bundelkhand who committed suicide.”

Commenting on the Ramlila Maidan incident he said, “The government in its explanation to the Supreme Court had said that many anti nationalists live in and around the Ramlila Maidan so it was necessary to remove Ramdev and his supporters from the venue in order to avoid any unpleasant happening.

Whereas the Congress itself is an anti-nationalist party, it should be removed as soon as possible. It neither upholds the rights of the Hindu’s nor the interest of the Muslims’.”

Calling Sonia’s shedding tears on Batla encounter as ‘crocodile tears’ he said, “Some people shed tears for those killed in an encounter but they do not have tears for crores of people who die of starvation and malnutrition every day.”

“We should overthrow such a party from power which does not speak of bringing back black money worth Rs 400 lakh stashed in foreign banks. If this money is brought back to the country, it could be utilized in uprooting illiteracy and poverty.” the yoga guru said while speaking to voters in his ‘Matdata Jagran Abhiyan’.