Haridwar: Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev on Wednesday reiterated his description of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as being a ''Moni Baba'' after the latter failed to speak on the black money issue during his Independence Day speech from the ramparts of the 17th century-built Red Fort.

He further added that Singh’s views reflected the views of the ruling Congress Party.

Baba Ramdev alleged that the Prime Minister's speech looked like a report of the Planning Commission, and written by the Congress headquarters.

"The speech given by the Prime Minister appears to be like a report of the Planning Commission. It appears as if it was a speech written by the Congress Headquarters and a written speech. He did not speak a single word on the black money issue," said Baba Ramdev.

"It is said about him that he is a 'Moni Baba'. So, on 15th August, he accepted that he is a 'Moni Baba'," he added.

Baba Ramdev said Singh did not speak on the nation’s economic freedom.

"The country has got political freedom for sure, but he did not speak on economic freedom," he said.

Baba Ramdev further accused the ruling Congress Party of spreading chaos and turbulence in the country.

"The Congress has weakened the democratic society. Congress is the one, which has spread chaos and turbulence. Congress has given Poverty, hunger, malnutrition, inflation and unemployment," he said.

Addressing the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort on the occasion of Independence Day, Singh said that his government believed that the difficult problems, which India faces, can be resolved only with the cooperation of the common man.

"It will be our endeavour that in the coming times, still more people will help us in tasks like removal of poverty, illiteracy and inequality," Singh added.

Singh further said it is his commitment to make the work of the government and administration transparent and accountable stands.

"On the last Independence Day, I promised you that we would take many steps for this purpose. I am happy to state that during the last 1 year we have achieved good progress in this area. The Lok Sabha has cleared the Lokpal and Lokayukta Bill. We hope that all political parties will help us in passing this Bill in the Rajya Sabha," he added.

Singh further informed that a number of other bills have also been presented before the Parliament.

"The Cabinet has cleared a Public Procurement Bill. We will continue our efforts to bring more transparency and accountability in the work of public servants and to reduce corruption. But we will also take care that these measures do not result in a situation in which the morale of public functionaries taking decisions in public interest gets affected because of baseless allegations and unnecessary litigation," he added.


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