Dehradun: Doctors attending on yoga guru said Baba Ramdev’s condition is stable and will be discharged on Tuesday provided all his parameters record improvement.

"He has taken fruits and juice. He is able to sit and is feeling better. He walked within his hospital room," said Dr S L Jethani, Medical Superintendent, Himalayan Hospital.

Ramdev gave up his nine-day fast on Sunday after being persuaded by Sri Sri Ravishankar and other spiritual leaders. He had been on a hunger strike since June 4 demanding a tougher anti-corruption law and seeking return of black money stashed away abroad.
"We are monitoring his health every half-an-hour," Jethani said.

"He wants to go. But since his parameters are fluctuating we advised him to take rest till Monday. A team of doctors will decide whether or not he can be discharged on Tuesday," he said.

He said there was improvement in his condition but he has complained of weakness.

"There is improvement in functioning of liver. He is taking rest after breaking his fast on Sunday," the doctor said.

Ramdev was admitted to the hospital on June 10 after his condition deteriorated at his Patanjali Yogapeeth ashram in Haridwar.

We feel pity for Digvijay’s mental status: VHP

Meanwhile, VHP said that the campaign Ramdev against black money and corruption was a 'milestone' and it will continue to support such movements in future.

"VHP supports all such campaigns. People in power were frightened following the campaigns by Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev. Though they tried to oppress Ramdev's drive but it is necessary to remind such people that democracy rules ultimately. Those who are in power must respect the campaign of national interest," VHP's chief spokesperson Veereshwar Dwivedi told reporters.

When asked about Congress leader Digvijay Singh's comments on BJP, RSS and Ramdev, he said, "We feel pity for his mental status."