New Delhi: The war of words between Yoga guru Baba Ramdev and the Congress party over the black money issue witnessed an ugly turn as three Congress MPs are ready to undergo narco test to come clean on the issue.

MP Praveen Aran of Congress party accepted the challenge of undergoing narco test. Aran, an MP from Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, accused the yoga guru of maligning the characters of politicians for his benefit. He said that few social activists and people like Ramdev kept tarnishing others image to gain political mileage.

Aran added, “I and my wife, both are ready to undergo narco test and reveal that we have not used any black money during the election campaigning.”

The MP, on the other hand asked Ramdev and his aides to go for a narco test and come clean. He also accused the baba of using unaccounted money for buying helicopters and land for his ashram.

The disciplinary committee would submit its report to Sharad Yadav and has recommended action against Upendra Kuswaha, Rajiv Ranjan Singh, Mangni Lal Mandal, Sushil Kumar Singh, Meena Singh, Ashwamedh Devi, BP Mahto, Monazir Hassan, Arjun Rai, Mahabali Singh and Purnamasi Ram.

(JPN/ Bureau)