Haridwar: Despite forgiving Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for the crackdown on his agitation, Baba Ramdev on Tuesday said history will not forgive Singh for the political sin he had committed.

"The Prime Minister termed it (the police action) unfortunate. In a way he has accepted his sin. Since he has accepted his sins, I have forgiven him," Ramdev told reporters here.

"I have personally forgiven him but the history of not only India but the whole world will never forgive him for the political sin he committed. He has tainted democracy," Ramdev, who is continuing his satyagraha here, said.

Ramdev was reacting to Singh's remarks made on Monday that "it was unfortunate that the operation had to be conducted but quite honestly, there was no alternative."

The yoga guru also attacked the Congress for ridiculing his escape in a women's dress from the ground, saying even Maratha warrior Shivaji had escaped in disguise to protect the nation.

"If anybody saves his life for securing the nation, they won't like it. Even Shivaji had saved his life. But these people do not accept Shivaji as their ideal. Their want to protect terrorists and kill Baba,” he added.

Congress general secretary Janardan Dwivedi on Monday had said, "A satyagrahi does not run away surreptitiously wearing women's dress. Satyagrahi is always ready to sacrifice his life".

Ramdev also alleged there could be "five kinds of conspiracies" to eliminate him at the Ramlila Maidan from where he was evicted after his talks with the Government to end the fast failed.

The yoga guru said that he suspected that the police would now edit the recordings made by the CCTV cameras installed at the ground in a bid to wipe out the evidence so that they escape action.

"We had put CCTV cameras in the camp, which recorded the events. If the police had not done anything wrong, why did they took away the footages forcibly. This is clear cut goondaism of the police. Our workers who had gone there have been embroiled in false cases under a conspiracy. The police will now edit the footage and then release it after deleting portions so that no action follows against them," Ramdev said.

He alleged that the police fired hundreds of tear gas shells in a bid to suffocate him to death where he was hiding.    

Ramdev said there could be conspiracies to kill him by strangulating, burning the stage on which he was sitting and finally shooting him.

He said the government's argument that there was a threat of terrorist attack on him could be the fifth conspiracy to eliminate him and alleged that an e-mail has been "prepared" by the government to make it convincing.