Haridwar: Yoga guru Baba Ramdev, the man who challenged those at the helm of affairs in Delhi and is currently confined at Patanjali Yogapeeth and busy in his introspection as he spends time as per his normal routine.

Taking a break from his public life after his action packed agitation against black money and corruption in the national capital,Swami Ramdev starts his daily mundane before dawn.

Though nothing much has changed in his daily routine, he is spending most of his time with himself ever since he was discharged from the Dehradun hospital.

Baba wakes up at four in the morning, finishes his daily rituals and starts practicing yoga. Starting with recital of ‘Om’, he submerges himself in meditation. Instead of doing yoga with his disciples, he practices yoga in solitude.

He then spends his day in his room until his disciple Shishpal brings milk and orange juice for him at 11 am. Baba is on a semi-liquid diet prescribed by the doctors. He does not take lunch as usual and takes rest in the afternoon. 

He meets very few disciples and gives them directions by writing on paper as he is observing a vow of silence.  Sources in the Yogapeeth say he spends a lot of time gazing at the sky from his windows. Between six and seven in the evening, he takes boiled bottle-guard or other fruits and vegetables for dinner. 

Consistent with his habit since fourteen years, he does not consume grains. Before going to sleep on the ground, Baba ends his day with his prayers to the Almighty.