New Delhi: On the second day of his fast, yoga guru Ramdev on Friday said he will not leave the protest venue without a "big decision" from government on steps to bring back blackmoney and enactment of a strong Lokpal law.

After giving a build up that he will make a "specific announcement" regarding the protest in the evening, he only dealt with the specifics of his demands and said he was not in talks with anyone in the government as of now though his doors are always open for dialogue.

On Friday evening address, he said he will not end his protest unless the government comes up with its stand on the issues raised by him. "Only after a big decision from the government, we will leave Ramlila Maidan," he said.

India can win gold for corruption:Ramdev

"Government has to declare its agenda on blackmoney, tackling corruption and system change. Our motive is not to tarnish, overthrow or insult anybody," he said.
Earlier in the day, he said he will wait till Saturday and then declare the next phase of agitation.

Show 'will' over blackmoney: Ramdev to PM

Ramdev demands strong Lokpal

On Lokpal, he said even if 100 percent consensus is not possible, the government should come out with a strong Lokpal on which 99 percent of the people are happy with.

He also claimed that terrorism and naxalism in the country can be tackled if the government controls the flow of blackmoney and the rising inflation.

"The government has the list of people who have stashed away black money in foreign shores. We don't want the names of those people, but at least disclose the amount at least. What is the harm in it? Why is the government reluctant?" he asked.

"We need an honest Prime Minister. I want the current Prime Minister to demonstrate his political honesty and political will on the issue of blackmoney," Ramdev said.

Ramdev on his way to make India a 'superpower'

He said India can become a 'superpower' and its army can become more powerful than of China and the US if the blackmoney is brought back and spent on people and national security.

He also said that the government has to spell out its agenda on black money, corruption and Lokpal by Saturday.

"Many people say I have no agenda. The agenda is to save the country. The people of the country will ask the government and all parties to spell out their agenda," he said.

Nitish Kumar backs Baba Ramdev’s stir

If the black money is brought to India, then the country can boast of world-class hospitals, educational institutions and other facilities, he said.  

"Terrorism and Naxalism are the two challenges. The root cause of this is blackmoney. The menace can be tackled if the issue is solved," he said.

"People are talking about the equation I and Anna Hazare share", Ramdev said, adding, "Every day people say there has been a fight between me and Annaji. I don't know from where people get such stories."

He said, "People don't like us because we don't have anything to lose."

He said in their speeches both the Prime Minister and the President say corruption is the biggest enemy. "If they know why don't they take steps to curb corruption?" he questioned.

Ramdev said people allege that he was in favour of the "sarkari" Lokpal. "I am not in favour of sarkari Lokpal. I am in favour of a consensus Lokpal. I want consensus on Lokpal," he said and demanded a "strong" Lokpal.


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