The film revolves around three friends Jatin, Harry and Rohan, who are on a road trip before Jatin's marriage. Things take a different turn when Jatin meets the woman with whom he had a one-night stand.

"The film deals with a very serious subject like HIV AIDS. The issue is very dark but I am dealing with it in a fun way with the help of song, dance and drama. I have not made it into a dark subject. I have dealt with it in a respectful but fun manner," Panda said.

The trailer indicated that it was a youthful romance and the 40-year-old director says he did not mention the real subject deliberately.

"I did not talk about the issue during promotions because I wanted people to discover it on their own. My take on the topic is that a disease like this should not stop you from living your life to the fullest. You have to deal with it but don't consider it a death sentence," Panda says.

The Delhi-based director says he wanted 'Babloo Happy Hai' to be his first film but he instead made his debut with the much acclaimed and multiple-award-winner 'I Am Kalam'.

"This was supposed to be my first film but it was a very difficult issue to translate into a film. It is a difficult love story and I needed more maturity as a filmmaker to tackle the subject," Panda says, adding he and writer Sanjay Chauhan spent seven years developing the project. The film was earlier titled 'Love is not Mathematics'.

Panda says despite the bold outlook of the movie, it is not an adult comedy kind of a film.

"I have a fun but important sequence about condoms but people are thinking that it is an adult comedy kind of film. It is not. It is a youthful film but I am not selling sex and vulgarity. My films are very special and I give a lot of time to them," Panda says.

Starring Sahil Anand of 'Student of the Year' fame, Sumit Suri, Amol Parashar, Erica Fernandes, Preet Kamal, Reyhna Malhotra, the film hit theatres today to good reviews.


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