Supriyo, who is a Minister of State in the Urban Development ministry, said the law and order situation in West Bengal was "very alarming".
"They don't want to govern the state, it is complete anarchy everywhere and to see the Chief Minister talk about stage managed things, when there is a very clear line that is drawn from the activities around the terror plot in Burdwan,” said Supriyo.     

"It is really shameful that a party, which has lost all credibility and is not thinking correctly, is going to come up with allegations like this," Supriyo told reporters outside Parliament.

He was reacting to Mamata's accusation that the Modi government was carrying out a "selective vendetta" against her and the party.

Criticising the TMC government for the Saradha scam, Supriyo said, Mamata Banerjee is taking to the streets to protest against the alleged misuse of CBI by the Centre but the chitfund scam has "toyed" with money of the poor.     

Supriyo said it was "sad and disheartening" to see a Chief Minister, who has come up fighting for the poor, take such a stand.

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