New Delhi: Abandoned at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) for over three weeks, two-year-old battered baby Falak has been taken off the ventilator as her breathing problem is under control and showing signs of improvement, doctors attending on her said on Friday.

"We took her off the ventilator around 11 AM, as her breathing problems are under control and she is showing signs of improvement. She is responding well to the strong medication and her lung and blood infection are receding," Deepak Agrawal, an Assistant Professor of neurosurgery at the AIIMS Trauma Centre said. 

Agrawal, with a team of 10 resident doctors, has been closely monitoring Falak for three weeks now."We are now waiting for the brain infection to subside.

After that, we will conduct a surgery on the brain. It is called 'shunt' surgery, where we will be inserting a plastic tube from the stomach to the brain and drain out the brain fluid," Agarwal added.

He also said that as of now inserting the plastic tube would be the only permanent solution, but if the tube creates any infection, the procedure will be managed with surgery in future.

Falak was admitted to AIIMS January 18 with a fractured skull, bruises and human bite marks all over her body. A teenager, claiming to be her mother, got her admitted to the hospital. Police are probing the human trafficking and prostitution angle in the case.