The pictorial image represents the various angles from which a girl being judged in the country whether it be smoking, drinking or watching pornography. It has been designed on the pattern of picture charts used in schools which clearly highlights the mindsets of masses who does not believe in gender equality.

It also highlights how a girl pouting and taking selfie becomes ill-mannered, how a girl when falls in love with someone in a park becomes characterless, how a girl is judged for spending her vaccations in Goa, how a girl who choose to ride motorbike becomes a showoff creature.

The chart has for sure taken Twitter and Facebook by storm. Probably, this is a silent answer to the controversial statements made  by prominent sadhus of the country on the women.

Perhaps, 'A Bad Girl' chart is also an answer to the sexist statements made by self proclaimed moral politicians and policemen who were recently in the headlines.


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