Already mired in controversy over its similarity to Apple iPhone design and appearance and now the Indian government keeping a close watch on its four-day booking offer that started from 6am yesterday.

The Noida-based startup Ringing Bells Pvt Ltd claimed to have received 30,000 confirmed orders and over six lakh hits per second on its website on the first day. But hours later, the firm stopped taking orders after its servers crashed owing to a huge rush to book the device online on

However, their were some lucky people who managed to pre-book the smartphone early in the morning when the website was up.'I kept on trying for about an hour to book the smartphone. I had to refresh multiple times, fill in my details over and over again. Finally I got it booked but I am yet to make a payment,' said Kashi Nath Nandi who works in a private firm in Noida.

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After placing the order, the page returned with a message: 'Thank you for placing the order. We will email you the link for payment within 48 hours to your registered unique email id to complete your purchase.' The acknowledgment also shows order number and mentions 'One unit per user'.

Ringing Bells is also charging a shipping charge of Rs.40, taking the total price of the phone to Rs.291. The company promises to deliver the device after four month by June 30.