He also charged Badal with betraying people of Punjab for his "own survival". "Badal had already traded off state's interests by giving extra water to Haryana when Punjab did not have enough for itself, just to please his masters in Delhi," Amarinder Singh accused.

He said while Badal was claiming not to spare a single drop of water for anyone, his government had already raised embankments of the Bhakra Main Line canal at Kanauhri to provide extra water to Haryana.

"Earlier he (Badal) accepted Rs 2 crores from Devi Lal in 1977 to construct SYL and now he has again accepted Rs 3 crores from Haryana government to raise embankments and give extra water to Haryana", he alleged.

Singh stated this while addressing election rallies in support of the Congress-Sanjha Morcha candidate Simarpartap Singh Barnala at various places including Dhadogal, Bhullar Heri, and Bhalwan.

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