Baghpat: In what appears to be ‘tughlaqi farman’, a Panchayat has allegedly stopped DJ (music system) during a Dalit’s wedding at Baghpat district.

Commenting on the controversial diktat, the Panchayat has said that decision had been taken three months ago in this matter. This will be applying not only on Dalits community but also on all communities. Police have denied saying anything in this matter.

Dalit Sohan, resident of Asara village had fixed his daughter Poonam’s marriage with Satbir, resident of Lehrada village. The Barat arrived on Sunday. As soon as the guests started to groove on DJ tunes in afternoon, the organiser of Panchayat Mohkam Pehlwan along with large number of villagers arrived there and stopped the DJ citing the decision of Panchayat.

They threatened the people who opposed the diktats by the Panchayat. According to Mohkam, the decision taken by Panchayat of 36 communities is not being imposed on anyone but being implemented for the interests of the society.


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