Not only did Bahuguna lose his chair of chief minister to Harish Rawat, his clout in the party also seems to be on the wane as his influence and grip over the political affairs in the state is also weakening with every passing day.

It’s known to everyone that Uttarakhand Congress is a divided house and with due course of time, the rift between Bahuguna and Rawat camp got widened.

Amid all this hoopla, the elevation of Kishore Upadhyaya as chief of state Congress unit has come off as a warning bell for the sulking Bahuguna as he may have to go for a complete review of his political future since new unit head happens to be a close aide of the Uttarakhand Chief Minister.

Besides, the development places Rawat camp in a strong position of and it may create an uncomfortable situation for the former chief minister in Tehri Parliamentary constituency.

In such a scenario, several speculations have started making rounds that Bahuguna may have to turn to his traditional Pauri seat in order to keep his political vessel steady in the troubling times.

After stepping down from chief minister’s position, though Bahuguna fired several salvos at Rawat on a few occasions, those did not prove much effective.
Besides, Rawat camp gained more strength after Satpal Maharaj defected to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) before the Lok Sabha elections.

As Harish Rawat camp is getting stronger due to a number of developments which are going in its favour, this has resulted in generation of several implications.

According to political analysts, after conceding defeat in Tehri constituency twice, Bahuguna won’t find it easier to claim his candidature from the seat.  
Newly appointed Uttarakhand Congress chief Kishore Upadhyaya never enjoyed a smooth relation with Vijay Bahuguna.

Besides, Rawat camp played another masterstroke by including Independent MLA Dinesh Dhyani in the Cabinet and this has further heightened Bahuguna’s problems.


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