The company will be expanding its Avenger range of cruiser bikes through introduction of three new models this month.

"Besides, in the fourth quarter of this fiscal, we will launch a completely new model that will be in the mid-segment of the motorcycle market”, said Bajaj Auto President (Business Development & Assurance) S Ravikumar.

With these four new products, he said, "In the short term, we are looking at increasing our market share in the domestic motorcycle segment to over 22 percent from the current 19 percent."

Ravikumar, however, did not share details of the upcoming products.

In April-September of this fiscal, Bajaj Auto sold 9,55,148 units, a marginal increase from 9,52,492 units a year ago.

Total domestic motorcycles sales during the period stood at 53,64,391 units as against 55,91,328 units in the year-ago period, down 4.06 percent.