Researchers found that qualities men and women look for in a new job are significantly different. The study by a US staffing firm found that although salary and benefits are the most important factors in both genders' choice of an employer, men and women do have different preferences for other aspects of employer attractiveness.
The study based on surveys of 7,000 students, employed workers and unemployed workers aged 18 to 65, revealed that work-life balance is a top concern for women, whereas men are more focused on career-progression opportunities.
Nearly 40 percent of the women surveyed believed workplace flexibility is an important employer attribute, compared to just 26 percent of men a daily reported.
While as 42 percent of the men said they look for opportunities to advance, compared to 36 percent of women. "Companies may need to focus on key elements, such as building culture and adopting more flexible work policies, to appeal to different demographics," Lisa Crawford, senior vice president at Randstad US, said.
Researchers said the two genders differ in their preference for a job's location. They found that 44 percent of female employees think location is an important employer attribute, compared to just 35 percent of men. According to the study, more than 35 percent of the men surveyed said the financial health of a company is very important to them, compared to only 28 percent of female employees.