Meeting in Brussels as another woman and two children died at sea off Turkey, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras met leaders of nine countries on the route from the Aegean to Germany taken this year by half a million people, defying EU borders and unfurling razor wire.
After talks throughout yesterday evening that began with what officials described as a round of leaders "venting" at each other's conduct, the 11 governments issued a pledge to work together, along with a 17-point action plan that includes United Nations-aided accommodation for 100,000 people, half of them in Greece.
"Unilateral action may trigger a chain reaction," the joint statement read - reflecting what is already fact, as states have variously sealed off borders or moved and deposited busloads of undocumented migrants at their neighbours' frontiers.
"Countries affected should therefore talk to each other. Neighbours should work together along the route," the statement said.
Merkel, whose poll ratings are sinking as she has opened Germany's borders to hundreds of thousands of Syrians, called for the meeting just 10 days after the last of several full EU summits devoted to the migration crisis.


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