New Delhi: Patients with severe burn injuries who need skin grafting will no longer have to search for skin donors as Safdarjung hospital is all set to set up a skin bank where people can donate their skin.

Dr Karoon Agrawal, head of Plastic Surgery at Safdarjung said, “In India around 70 lakh people get burn injuries every year. And out of these only 7 lakh people are able to reach the hospital. People should take initiative to donate their skin for the patients with burn injuries.”   

Giving more information on the skin bank he said, “Safdarjung hospital is trying to create a skin bank where the skin of the dead people would be developed and then the skin would be grafted on the patient with burn injury.”

Doctors are even working on developing artificial skin to help the patients, he said adding that in India there are only 750 beds for patients with burn injuries, out of which only 150 beds in hospitals of Delhi. In Safdarjung, the burn department has only 65 beds.

(JPN/ Bureau)