Washington/United Nations: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Monday expressed his desire for a second term as Secretary-General of the United Nations.

“This morning, I sent a letter to the membership of the General Assembly and the Security Council, offering humbly, myself for consideration for a second term as Secretary-General of the United Nations,” Ban told reporters at the UN headquarters in New York.

“It has been an enormous privilege to lead this great Organization. If supported by the Members States, I would be deeply honored to serve once more. Throu my tenure, I have sought to be a bridge-builder – among the Member States, within the United Nations system and among global partners. Finding common ground is central to delivering results,” he said.

“Looking back, these four and a half years have been marked as a period of extraordinary challenge – for the United Nations and the international community. And we can be proud of what we have accomplished together,” Ban said.

US State Department spokesman, Mark Toner, welcomed the announcement. “We welcome his announcement that he'll seek a second term as secretary general. Clearly, the UN faces an array of daunting challenges. And we've worked constructively with Secretary General Ban on many of them,” he said at his daily press briefing.

“Clearly we believe that he is an individual with whom we’ve worked constructively so far, as I said, the wide range of issues which  the UN is still facing ,” Toner said.