United Nations: UN leader Ban Ki-moon called the formal declaration of Libya's liberation a "historical juncture" after decades of dictatorship.

In a statement on Sunday, Ban stressed UN support for the National Transitional Council's moves to form an interim government and hold elections.

He said the declaration of the formal end of Muammar Gaddafi's rule was a "historical juncture that signifies people attaining their freedom after decades of dictatorship."

"From this day onward, the Libyan people will be in full charge of their future -- a future that their new leaders have declared will be based on justice and national reconciliation," Ban said.

"The end of the war is only the beginning of what Libyan fighters, youth and women have struggled for: their determination now is to build a truly new Libya, overcoming the grim legacy of human rights abuse and corruption, and now so many killed or disabled during the conflict."

Ban said the United Nations was determined "to support the Libyan people and their authorities as they work to build this brighter future."