Bhopal, (JPN/Bureau): In a bid to discourage the consumption of tobacco, Union Ministry of Environment and Forest has banned the sales of ghutkas and tobacco in plastic wrapper. The branded stockists have started balckmarketeering floating the excuse of short supply of ghutkas. 

The hoarding has escalated the price of ghutka from 25paise to 1 rupee, many ghutka companies denied it though.

Stockiest and retailers said that the manufacturing companies of ghutka stopped the production which spiked up price, while local ghutka manufacturers claimed that the production is on and the packing of ghutkas in plastic wrapper will be over by the end of February.

According to manufactures, ghutkas will be available in paper packets instead of plastic wrappers. In order to preserve the gutka for a long time, the paper packet will be given a chemical coating. Pouch manufacturing companies of Delhi are working on this front.

Ramprakash Gupta, advisor of local ghutka brand Puja, said, “We have demanded more time from the Supreme Court for this. If the court gives more time, the companies will get sufficient time for good packing, otherwise new packing will come after March 1.”