Gwalior: The Animal Conservation Board has started taking steps against those projects which are lifting water from Chambal River for irrigation and drinking purposes. The move has started affecting many projects in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Due to continuous water lifting the Chambal River is being desiccated. Three years back, nearly 100 crocodiles had died in the national crocodile sanctuary made on the Chambal River.

Animal experts in their study came to the conclusion that the continuous decrease in water level of Chambal was posing a threat to the lives of crocodiles. Therefore, they recommended a check on the water lifting projects on Chambal.

Recently, the Water Conservation Board of MP has sent the Kanera Project to the Animal Conservation Board for its nod but it couldn’t get clearance from the board.

Rajasthan government has also made an arrangement through a plant for lifting water in Dholpur but its fate hangs in balance.

Since Chambal has received a less amount of water this year, it is likely to pose a threat to the lives of crocodiles, dolphins and tortoises.

(JPN/ Bureau)