New Delhi: Taking the investigation further in Banda rape case, the CBI has now decided to conduct examination of the rape victim in AIIMS. The agency has asked the doctors to ascertain the right age of the girl and also to file the report on rape allegations.

The CBI is leaving no stone unturned in tightening the noose around BSP MLA Purushottam Naresh Dwivedi, who is accused in the rape case.

A senior official of the agency said, “As the Uttar Pradesh government is stating the age of the rape victim as more than 22, we want to first ascertain the right age of the girl. While in the FIR lodged with the state police her age is stated as 22, the parents are claiming her to be a minor.”

We have even asked the doctors to give the report on rape charges, he added.

Another official is of the view that if the age of the rape victim is ascertained and the reports on rape are positive then automatically the case would be justified.

According to law, any kind of sex with minor comes in the category of rape.

Terming the AIIMS examination as a necessary step, an official said, “The report submitted by the state police has no clear statement on the rape charges. So, only after the report from AIIMs, the case can be taken further.”

Notably, after the Supreme Court’s order the CBI had lodged an FIR against Purushottam Naresh Dwivedi and initiated the investigations.

(JPN/ Bureau)