The campaign aims to keep a check on autorickshaw drivers and their behavior with the passengers. The campaign also witnessed actor Sudeep, who was named the brand ambassador of this mission. He also launched ‘Happy Auto’ review application, which will enable its users to file the feedback of a particular ride and also rate their commuting experience.

These feedbacks will later help the administrators in evaluating the autorickshaw status of the city and identify the best and the worst performers. The drivers, who performed exceptionally well, will be awarded as per their performance.

Bangalore City Police have gone forward with this initiative keeping in mind the increasing number of travel harassment cases that are being registered. "It is the responsibility of drivers to ensure passengers reach their destinations safely. Drivers should take special care to ensure the safety of women travelling alone,'' Police Commissioner Raghavendra H Auradkar said at the launch event.

This campaign is likely to help the police in identifying irresponsible auto drivers.