New Delhi: The disgraced former president of BJP, Bangaru Lakshman, who is facing corruption charges, filed a petition in Delhi High Court on Thursday demanding it to order the Delhi Police to keep key witness, T Satyamurthi in custody till the trial gets over.

He pleaded that would ensure the witness is not influenced either by the prosecution or by defense.

Sathyamurthi was co-accused in the case based on sting operation which showed Laxman taking money in lieu of arms deal favour. In response to Bangaru's plea, High Court served a notice to Sathyamurthi demanding his reply by September 12.

Notably, Bangaru had charges of taking Rs 1 lakh from fake arms dealer. The unlawful activity was captured in a sting operation. Thereafter, the CBI registered a case against him under Prevention of Corruption Act on December 6, 2004.