Dhaka: The failure to strike a deal on the Teesta river water sharing agreement has overshadowed the accords of significant economic impact made by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on his visit to Bangladesh.

Holding Chief Minister, West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee responsible for weakening the historical event between the two countries, politicians and Bangladeshi reports have expressed their criticism against her for taking backseat in the run-up.

Interestingly, the national daily of Dhaka claimed that defiant Mamata embarrassed Indian Prime Minister. Main newspapers of the country like Daily Star, The Independent, New Age, BDnews. com and others have expressed their disappointment on Mamata's action.

Senior Bangladeshi Journalist, Sayyed Badrul Ehsan said, “Mamata’s take on Bangladesh is quite depressing. We were expecting that the Chief Minister would play a crucial role in the Teesta river agrrement but her action has hampered the Indo-Bangladesh ties. Serious efforts should be made to overcome the loss."

Preferring anonymity one of the union ministers who was present with PM on Bangladesh trip said that it very disappointing that Mamata backed out from the trip. Four Chief Ministers of the Indian states were present in the meeting. Therefore, she should have also joined them."